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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  April 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. the u.s. army has launch add criminal investigation after photographs surfaced of american paratroopers allegedly posing next to dead bodies in
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afghanistan. daniel noting ham has the late -- danielle nottingham has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: "the los angeles times" published to photos that party to show u.s. troops posing with dead bodies. the paper says an unnamed paratrooper from the 82nd airborne division provided 18 photos that were taken in 2010. the army has launched an investigation. in a statement the pentagon said, quote, these images by no means represent the values or professionalism of the vast majority of u.s. troops serving in afghanistan. anyone found responsible for this inhuman conduct will be held accountable in accordance with our military justice system. this latest incident surfaces at a sensitive time in u.s.- afghan relations. in recent months, the obama
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administration has dealt with a series of incidents that have sparked outrage in afghanistan. they include a video showing marines urinating on corpses, the accidental burning-of-the -- burning of the quran and a shooting rampage that killed 17 afghan villagers. the military is concerned the revelation of these photos could spark a new round of unrest in afghanistan. danielle no, sirringham -- dan yell nottingham, cbs news. today senate democrats will get their chance to question general service administration officials about using tax dollars to fund expensive trips. gsa spent more than $800,000 for a conference in las vegas. lawmakers say that sort of
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wasteful spending betrays the trust of taxpayers. former gsa administrator martha johnson resigned after that story made head lines. the g8 summit is coming to camp david next month and so are the protesters. members of occupy movement will head to frederick county to hold what they're calling the g99 protest summit. they will set up in either frederick or thurmont near camp david. the g8 summit will begin on may 18. sky 9 was over the scene of a crash involving a car and a popular seafood restaurant in prince george's county. the car crashed into the jerry's seafood restaurant on lanham severn road. the car went through the store front and pinned down the driver but no one was injured. so far there's been no word on if police will charge that driver. a northwest washington shop owner accused of selling alcohol to high school students has a court date set for may
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21. we first told you about him in january as part of our 9 wants you to know series on underage drinking. richard kim is the man on the right. he is the owner of the town scare market. prosecutors offered him a plea deal yesterday allowing him to avoid jail time for allegedly selling alcohol to minors. kim said no. he has opted for a jury trial. new research suggests that teenagers took up their drinking habits from their parents. that's according to a new study that's been released by mothers against drunk driving data. it shows many youngsters are getting alcohol at home. >> new data shows that 26% of all high school drinkers get their alcohol from a parent or family member. this is stunning. >> experts say that teen alcohol use kills 6,000 teenagers a year. as part of its power talk 21
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campaign, madd is encouraging parents to make some time this saturday to talk personally to their youngsters about drinking and drugs. this year's pothole repair campaign is in the district. it's happening in the district and it could be a lot less busy than last year's campaign. that's thanks to the mild winter that we had. ddot kicked off the month-long repair effort yesterday. crews filled a hole on wisconsin avenue and lowell streets. and last year 1300 complaints came in during that campaign, but this year ddot is only receiving about 10 complaints a day. a project of great importance in northern virginia is the roadblock in lawmakers agreeing on a state budget. democrats in the state senate blocked the latest budget proposal last night. they're holding out in an effort to get more funding for metro's silver line that goes to dulles airport.
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the two-year $85 billion spending plan was a result of tough negotiations at a special session. republican governor bob mcdonnell expressed his displeasure. >> to get to this point, some 95 to a hundred days after the commencement of the session and still have no budget and have it all because of one project in one area of the state is simply not responsible. >> the senate will resume its session today with the hopes of reaching a deal. if lawmakers do not pass a budget, virginia could face a partial government shutdown beginning july 1. capital area food bank get some help fighting hunger in the d.c. area. today wal-mart donated a $90,000 mobile food pantry. delia goncalves tells us how it's going to affect local
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families. >> reporter: as crews unload boxes of fresh vegetables and fruits, residents gather in southeast to feed their families. >> i've come for my grandchildren. it's very important that they have something to eat at all times in the house. >> reporter: residents gathered here in the parking lot at the church every first, third and fifth wednesday and volunteers distribute about 200 bags of food each and every time. >> this is what keeps me awake at night. wanting two kids -- one in two kids in the district of columbia do not know where their next meal is coming from. >> it's a temporary way to meet a need. we have to work oishes of poverty to -- issues of poverty to make sure the families are secure. >> reporter: the capital food bank will dish out an extra 2,000 meals every responsibility. >> it's a good idea for everybody. >> reporter: in the tough times families are grateful for the community's help in keeping their children's bellies full but there's still much more work to do.
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in southeast, delia goncalves, 9news now. >> by the way, despite critics, wal-mart plans to build a store in the skyland development in ward 7. demolition of the existing strip mall is scheduled for 2013. still to come when 9news now continues, now that the space shuttle program is history, we'll take a look at america's future plans for space travel. >> the secret service sex scandal escalates. i'm susan mcginnis in washington. investigators dig deeper into what happened in cartagena. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms
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at least 20 women, some prostitutes, may be involved in the growing secret service scandal. some members of the homeland security committee say investigators know exactly who the women are. susan mcbegin nice has the latest on -- mcginnis has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the secret service prostitution scandal widened further as senators briefed about the investigation were told at least 20 women were paid to go to hotel rooms with u.s. agents and military personnel. >> guests had to be signed in by the person renting the room. and thus we have the names of the women involved and we're able to determine a count. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news members of the secret
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service and the military partied at a strip club in colombia before president obama's arrival. 11 secret service members, including two supervisors, are on administrative leave pending its investigation, and the pentagon is questioning ten members of the military about their involvement. senator susan collins wants to know if last week's alleged misconduct is an isolated incident. >> it's also very hard for me to believe that this is the only time that this has ever happened. i am worried that this is the only time that they were caught. >> reporter: a white house spokesman says the president won't speculate on whether there's a pattern of inappropriate behavior. the administration says there are no plans to fire the head of the secret service. >> the president has confidence in director sullivan. the director acted swiftly in response to this incident. >> reporter: the agents involved were sent home after reports of an argument between one agent and a prostitute about payment. law enforcement officials say sensitive information about the
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president's schedule was never compromised. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. coming up next, annie will have the forecast. >> we have light rain falling. i'll let you know when the rain moves out before the warmth moves back in.
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yesterday many of us watched the shuttle discovery fly over the d.c. area on its way to dulles international airport. the flight was the ceremonial end to one of the most traveled shuttles in nasa's former shuttle program. the end of that program left the united states at a fork in the road about the future of space exploration. gary nurenberg has more. >> reporter: with a goodbye to the shuttle program. >> we have no manned space program. that's it. i don't like to see us in that position. >> reporter: a position that led to this startling suggestion to a child tuesday from a shuttle veteran. >> reporter: any advice for ethan? an aspiring astronaut? >> study russian. >> reporter: because for an american to get to space, to the international space station. >> we're now dependent on the russians. we have no way of getting into space. >> reporter: but surprisingly to some, even without an active human element, the future of
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the american space tram. >> is basically still quite -- program. >> is basically still quite healthy and strong. >> reporter: lots of robotics, for example. more incentives for private industry to build space ships. >> but really we have had private business building most of the space ware all along. >> reporter: but now to do what? >> where are we going today? the answer really is we don't know. >> reporter: art harman of the coalition to save mans space exploration. >> we need leadership saying here's where we're going, when we want to get there. >> reporter: manned space flight comes down to? >> money basically. it's expensive. congress and nasa seem to have different views on human space flight at the moment. >> reporter: even as congress moves toward severe budget cutbacks, space supporters look at the faces of those big crowds in d.c. tuesday and think taxpayers want this. >> why did they turn out to see it?
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because that represents the hopes and dreams of our country and a positive future for our children and grandchildren. >> reporter: but bottom line right now? >> i think we are trying to figure out exactly what we want to do in space and how we want to do it. >> reporter: and with what resources to do it with. at a time when government spending is under a microscope, bucket cutters are looking -- budget culters are looking closely at nasa. the united states is still number one in space, but other countries with direction and commitment are rapidly catching up. gary nurenberg, 9news now. anny is here today. we're getting some much need rain. >> we are, jc. it's kind of a light rain today. it is much cooler out there. any rain we're going to get today, we are going to take so that fire danger goes down. you'll want your umbrellas all day today and tonight along with a coat. here's a look at our day planner for your wednesday. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s generally this afternoon. that's pretty much our high. temperatures will be falling with this rain.
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here's a look at the doppler. you can see it's coming up from the southwest and impacting much of the carolinas into the mid-atlantic, even a couple lightning bolts to the south of uses right around charlottesville. that's where some of the heavier rain is. where you see the yellow, that's mott rad to heavy rainfall. around beaver dam, crossing 95 we're seeing moderate rain but most of it in the immediate beltway area is pretty light which is why we just see the green here. some light rain and you almost barely need the umbrella. i was outside at the weather terrace. right now a temperature of 57 downtown. that's pretty much our high. 50s in leesburg. 54 manassas and martinsburg in the 50s. tappahannock in the mid-50s. so we are definitely below average as our average high is in the upper 60s. we have light rain falling right now, the dew point at 40 and the winds are north, northeast at 5 miles per hour. so definitely a lot calmer as far as the winds are concerned. so a few showers today.
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pretty light. nothing heavy. showers also continue through tonight. then we have a milder finish to the week. in fact, the warm air coming in tomorrow. the future cast showing us again we will see light rain. some of it scattered at times for much of today through tonight. it's going to be pretty cloudy and a cool day. overnight still a little bit of showers left over but then starts to pull away overnight. by tomorrow morning we're going to see more sunshine. we'll be dry. in fact, a pretty pleasant day as temperatures get back up to around average. even a little above average for your thursday. highs, though, for today it's going to be cool. 57 in downtown. 50s for manassas. 59 in annapolis. and farther out east, we're talking around 60 for easton and cambridge. so you will need a jacket on there because it does feel a lot cooler. baseball forecast for today. the first pitch at 7:05. the nats playing the astros. temperature will be around 57 for the first pitch. we'll probably see light rain so you will want to bring the
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umbrella or the ponchos or at least a jacket with a hood and we'll have light winds. if the kids are going out, too, make sure you have them prepare for that light rain. low 50s tonight to the 40s in manassas. mid-40s up north in frederick. here's a look at your next three days. you want the sunshine? well, thursday you're going to get it. 70 under mostly sunny conditions. friday even warmer, mid-to upper 70s. here's a look at your next seven days. as we head into the weekend, still in the 70s for saturday, but a chance for some scattered showers and storms. sunday is a chance for some really major rain to come through as highs pop out in the upper 60s. so maybe even flooding could be a possibility on sunday. we'll watch for that. we're right back after the break. stick around.
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today i'm one on one with joseph gallagher. he's with lpl financial. of course you know the economy is a big subject. right now we're in a presidential year so i'm going to talk to joe about where we are, what should we be concerned about and how does the future look. where are we right now in terms of inflation? >> first thanks for having me on. inflation has been -- it will continue through 2014. what we're doing as a country is we're buying our long-term debt with short-term money. that's keeping rates low to help us out with the housing crisis predominantly but also it helps the economy in general. but when you do that, you get these artificial things that don't let the market reach
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parity. it has an effect where the pendulum swings back more dramatically because of this pent up kind of effect. we've seen prices of coffee go up, gas. you're obviously seeing inflation in the most real terms go up but we're artificially holding back the true effects on the entire economy right now. when you do that, you sort of put -- [indiscernible] >> when you get close to retirement like some of us, you're looking at that market. when should we be concerned? how does the market work? >> a couple of things. i talk to a lot of people about it. first off, if you have like a very short term time, people getting closer to retirement, you should really be getting more conservative and then taking less of the stock market, putting more in the bond market, or what you're seeing very popular now, some are putting more in the commodities, gold, silver and
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things like that i would be very careful about the commodities right now because they've gone up dramatically but for a portfolio that's more conservative, they should still be a core part. if you have a five-year window or something of that nature, even with the market strong right now, i wouldn't be more than 50% equities, 50% bonds. too great of a chance of us going back to what we saw a couple of years ago. >> there was a historic vote on wall street recently concerning citigroup shareholders. let's talk about that. they voted. >> you're seeing -- you talk about the pendulum swinging the other way. you had all this ease and oversight and regulation. board members are the ones who usually are charged with setting director pay. typically only 1% of board member approvals are not made for the c.e.o. pay. this year it's up to 10%. the big one in the news now is city growp. we give the -- citigroup.
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we give the banks all this money and they give out all this pay. so they voted against it. now they have to go back and reorganize. the real reason they voted behind it and the person looking out for your interest here was calpers, the real strong money manager, handles the california pension system. >> we've run out of time. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure.
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